Good News:

We have just acquired soholaunch server licenses for the below plugins.
Here is a link to the list of plugins you can use for FREE on your soholaunch site.

Power Shipper 
FedEx Real Time Shipping 
AWCC USPS Real Time Shipping 
AWCC Staff Member Roster 
AWCC Shopping Cart Category List 
AWCC SEO Power Pack 
AWCC Real Estate Listing 
AWCC Pretty URLs 
AWCC Live Chat
AWCC Inventory Manager 
AWCC Image & Content Rotator 
AWCC FTP File Manager 
AWCC Feature Anything Product Catalog 
AWCC Enhanced Photo Gallery 
AWCC Elegant Photo Gallery 
AWCC Easy Price Manager 
AWCC Cart Button Manager 
AWCC Base Rate Plus Per-Item Charge
AWCC Alternate Style Sheets
AWCC UPS Real Time Shipping
AWCC Robo-Spam Eraser

If you would like to use one or more just let us know and we will install them for you.
There is also the Super Search plugin and the Auto Member Registration plugin available for free with hosting.


Monday, February 4, 2019

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