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Soholaunch Free plugins (14)
Soholaunch Free plugins. Just download the plugin you want to your PC and save it somewhere you know where it is. Then open your Soholaunch admin panel by going to Your domain name/sohoadmin in your browser. Click on the plugin button and select the plugin from where you saved it on your pc and then hit install. You will need to log out and back in for it to install correctly. If it is a plugin that requires you to do something you can open it by Clicking on the plugin button and select the plugin options button to access it. Otherwise it will run in the background and there is nothing you need to do. If you would like us to install it free for you just summit a support ticket and let us know.

Most Popular Downloads

Display Titles on Menu Soholaunch Pro Only
This plugin will display your page titles instead of the page names on your site's menu for pages that have page titles. This works on all menu types, and should work on most custom templates as well.
Filesize: 847 B
Secure User Files Soholaunch Pro and Ultra
This plugin restricts viewing and downloading of all files in the media folder. Only users who are logged in as a secure user, shopping cart customer, or site administrator can access the files in the media folder. This plugin only works on server running Apache. If is not logged-in (site admin/secure user/cart customer) and tries to view or download a file inside the media folder they are redirected to the secure user login page. ** !IMPORTANT! ** *This Plugin only works on servers running Apache. If your site is hosted on a Windows Server you should check with your host to see if the server is running apache. If your site is on a Linux Server you should be able to use this plugin with out issue. *If you receive an error 500 when opening/viewing files in the media/ folder after installing this plugin do the following: 1) Connect to your site using FTP and download the media/.htaccess file. 2) Delete the media/.htaccess file. 3) Upload the .htaccess file you downloaded back to the media/ folder. This plugin works on our server if you host with us here.
Filesize: 3.17 kB
Super Search Plugin Free for soholaunch Pro users
Super Search Plugin Free for Soholaunch Pro users We now have the super search plugin on the server. You can download it here for free. A 40$ value. Send us a support ticket if you want us to install it for you.
Filesize: N/A
Accept Terms and Conditions for Soholaunch Pro Only
This plugin will add a check box to the "Step 2: Billing & Shipping Information" page of the order. The shopper must tick this box indicating that they accept your terms and conditions before Soho will accept their order.
Filesize: 9.34 kB
Calendar Plus Soholaunch Pro Only
Have you ever tried to delete a series of recurring events on your calendar? Currently, you have two choices. Either you delete them one at a time, or you delete the entire series, including the events you wanted to keep. If you install this plugin, you'll be given a third option: "REMAINING OCCURRENCES OF THIS EVENT". If you select this, you can delete or modify all subsequent occurrences in a series without disturbing the previous ones.
Filesize: 5.56 kB