Access your services through your Client Area

How to access services through your client area.

To access these buttons for your web site just log in to your clients area here from any device:

There you will see your services listed once logged in.
Click on the Services box.
Once there you will see the services listed for your account.
Under Soholaunch Pro/ultra Web site Builder will be the domain name/s for that service.
Click any wear in that box except on the domain name and it will take you to that web site account.
Note: Clicking only on the domain name with take you to that site.
In the Quick Shortcuts box you will now be able to access things like.
Your account:
Domain addons
sub domains
Email Autoresponders
file manager
And your sohoadmin control panel.
(You will also need your sohoadmin login to use your sohoadmin control panel).

This should help you when you travel or use other devices to access your web site
info or email accounts no matter where your are.

Please let us know if you would like other buttons added.

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